Terms and conditions Villa Labin


Villa Labin, Zartinj 6e, 52220 Labin, Croatia

The rental agreement - generally

We recommend that you read and observe the terms and conditions of rental carefully, as well as the terms and conditions of payment. If you do not observe the terms and conditions, you may lose your rights to the holiday home, without being released from your obligation to pay to Villa Labin.

1. Number of guest

The holiday home and accompanying ground area must not be occupied by more people than the number stated in the website or on the rental agreement. This number includes children, no matter what their age. It is possible to bring one extra child (under 4 years) at no extra charge.

2. Prices and payment

The rental charge is to be paid according to the terms stated in Villa Labin's terms and conditions. The tenant declares that he/she has read and understood the current terms and conditions of rental, when he/she pays the first installment.

The rental charge is incl. use of electricity, gas and water.

3. Cancellation and alteration of tenancy

A rental agreement which has been entered into cannot be cancelled and/or changed by the tenant. The tenant has a right to make a cancellation upon payment of the following charges.

Up to 42 days before the start of the holiday period: 30% of the total rental.
42 - 0 days before the start of the holiday period: 100% of the total rental.

A cancellation is considered as having been made on the day that Villa Labin receives the cancellation in writing.

4. Arrival at the holiday home

Where nothing else is stated in the website, on price lists or in the rental agreement, the rental period runs from the first day 16.00 (4 p.m.) to the last day 10.00 (10 a.m.).

You should arrive at the Villa Labin on the first day for the holiday period before 19.00 (7 p.m.), unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement. Arrival at a later time should be agreed in good time with Villa Labin's property manager. Villa Labin cannot be held responsible, should late arrival make it impossible to gain access to the holiday home on the first day of the holiday period.

5. Deposit

A deposit of Euro 400,- is paid 6 weeks before arrival at the property. This deposit acts as security for the holiday home being passed on in a clean and presentable state. The deposit can increase, when the holiday is rented to groups.

The paid deposit is returned to the tenant is sent at latest 1 week form the end of the rental. The deposit will be returned, minus any charges, on condition that the holiday home is passed on in a clean and presentable state, without damages, and that the tenant does not owe further amounts to Villa Labin or the property manager. The tenant's liability for charges and damages is maintained even though the value exceeds the amount paid in deposit/on-account.

6. Payment

A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total price is required to secure your booking. Your booking must be made by email, through the website or by telephone (followed by written confirmation) and will be held provisionally for 10 days or until the full deposit is received by us, whichever is sooner. Should we not receive your payment within 10 working days then your provisional booking will be released. All payments shall be made by internet bank transfer in Euros.

7. Final Payment

The balance will be paid not later than 6 weeks prior to the hire commencement date by internet bank transfer in Euros. If we do not receive the balance by the sixth week prior to your rental commencement date, we shall be entitled to cancel the booking without prejudice.

8. Confirmation of Booking

Your booking is only confirmed on receipt of your deposit and confirmation will be sent to you by either email or post stating the balance cost and due date the final balance is to be paid.

9. Deficiencies, compensation and assistance

It is the responsibility of the tenant to inform Villa Labin immediately of any fault, or within 72 hours after taking over the holiday home/becoming aware of a fault.

In claims of compensation, the tenant is obliged to give Villa Labin reasonable time to correct and/or repair any fault. Villa Labin is not liable to pay compensation should the tenant leave the holiday home without informing Villa Labin of any fault and/or without giving Villa Labin reasonable time to correct and/or repair any fault.

Should any claim for compensation not be settled satisfactorily, in the opinion of the tenant, during the rental period, any further claim/complaint must be made in writing to Villa Labin within 14 days after the end of the rental period.

Villa Labin's liability for compensation covers only direct economic loss. Villa Labin cannot be held responsible for any loss/damage as a result of a fault or loss/damage of a non-economic nature.

10. Responsibilities of the tenant

The tenant has a responsibility to treat the holiday home with respect, in so far as the tenant is responsible for any damage which he/she or any member of his/her party causes. Where nothing else is stated in the rental agreement and/or in price lists, the tenant has a duty to leave the holiday home in a clean and presentable state. The tenant has a duty to wash up, emty fridge, freezer and dustin before departure, even though final cleaning service is arranged.

The tenant is responsible for personal and physical damage during the rental period for which he/she already is - or can be - insured for. The tenant has a duty to ensure that him/herself and any accompanying persons do not bother or annoy neighbours to the holiday home or surrounding area. Should the tenant or accompanying person behave in an inappropriate and unacceptable manner, Villa Labin reserve the right to annul the rental agreement immediately and without warning. In such a situation, Villa Labin has no obligation to repay all or part of the rental price.

Villa Labin is not liable for any changes which do not effect the holiday home directly, (e.g. swimming possibilities at the beach, fishing rights, the introduction or increase of local taxes and charges, the closing of roads, shops, etc., road and building construction, environmental damage, etc.).Likewise, Villa Labin is not liable for changes in weather conditions or local bylaws regarding bathing, lack of water, the closing of swimming pools, etc., which may reduce the enjoyment of your holiday. Villa Labin is not responsible for the failure or breakdown of any of the holiday home's installations, for the blocking of drains and sewage systems or for the presence of insects or other pests.
In the interests of future developments, we reserve the right to make amendments without prior notice. Errors and omissions excluded.

11. Terms and conditions of force majeure

The tenant is not freed from the responsibility of payment due to personal circumstances or force majeure (war, strike, block, catastrophe of nature, etc.) preventing the tenant from exercising the use as per rental agreement. Villa Labin can immediately annul the rental agreement if the holiday home is not available due to force majeure.